IDLife Nutrition

We’re thrilled to partner with IDLife, an exceptional health and wellness company offering products free from harmful ingredients. IDLife products are formulated without unnecessary fillers, GMOs, soy, gluten, and in most cases, casein, ensuring high-quality and effective solutions for your health needs.


One of our standout products, and one of my personal favorites,  is our personalized vitamins. Take a brief online assessment to discover recommendations tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. For deeper insights, consider our DNA kits, which provide a comprehensive evaluation of your specific vitamin levels. This test analyzes a wide range of your genetic information, offering insights into how your body responds to various workouts, recovers, processes different foods, and more. Start your assessment or order your DNA Kit today to unlock personalized health insights!

Take a free health assessment or order your DNA Kit today!



IDLife’s, The Detox Box is a scientifically proven three-step process designed to span 30 days. Throughout this month-long program, your body will eliminate toxins from food, personal care products, and environmental factors.

The daily supplement packets are formulated to support kidney and bowel function, detoxify the liver, and restore gut health. These supplements are enriched with high-quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Unlike traditional cleanses, this detox allows for elimination without disrupting your daily routine.

For optimal results, pair The Detox Box with a healthy meal plan to enhance its effectiveness.

IDLife offers a diverse range of healthy supplements to complement your routine, including protein shakes (with vegan options), Hydrate (electrolytes), Lean and Slim (weight loss assistance), and more. Take advantage of our pre-made bundles for discounted prices compared to individual purchases.

Interested in even greater savings? Become a VIP member to enjoy an additional 20% off every order throughout the year.

We are delighted to assist with any questions you may have, provide guidance on ordering, share our personal experiences with these products, or support you in becoming an IDLife Associate yourself!