q. How does this work?

a. Visit our ordering site HERE and place your order on Sunday or Monday. Orders will be delivered or picked up after 6pm Thursdays. Pick up only on Friday. Please address all questions or concerns prior to ordering. You can reach us on Social Media or via email Heather @ BeBetterFitFoods . com

q. When and where do you deliver?

a.  Delivery is FREE  (5 meal minimum order) and currently only available in the Katy, TX area. Memorial City deliveries are Fridays 11-12pm  Pick ups can be arranged starting at 6pm Thursday evening and by appointment Fridays.

q. How long do these meals last?

a. Meals are designed to last a week when properly refrigerated.  We keep our refrigerators set to 35° (Just below freezing and out of the Temperature Danger Zone).

All containers are freezer safe for those that wish to keep a few out at a time.  Smoked items typically last longer. We recommend eating green, cruciferous items first or freezing.  We NEVER use preservatives or additive chemicals to preserve freshness.  We encourage all items to be kept refrigerated.

q. Do I have to cook anything?

a.  Meals will only require you to heat them up.  Our meals are made fresh each week and never frozen.

Individual meals are designed to be microwaved.  Family meals can be slow warmed in the oven on 200° or can be portioned out and microwaved as well.

*Be sure to always check family meals for small plastic containers that may contain sauces or extras.

q. What if I have allergies?

a. We make accommodations for allergies.  Make sure you have addressed your allergies with us prior to ordering.  Most common allergies are noted on the menu descriptions on the ordering forms. All pastas are gluten free and rice is basmati. We would not feed your family anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

We do prepare auto-immune friendly meals. These protocols will require custom care and custom pricing. Please contact us for details.

q. Can I freeze the meals until we’re ready to eat them?

a.  Meals can be frozen.  Containers are freezer safe and BPA free.


q. What if I want to pick my meals up?

a.  Pick ups can be arranged by appointment only.

q. Where are you located?

a.  Be Better Fit Foods is located in Old Town Katy, TX.  This is a residential establishment operating under  Texas Cottage Laws  We DO NOT have a store front. Meals are not readily available. Pick ups are by appointment only.