About BBFF

        Be Better Fit Foods was created to bring you personalized healthy, delicious, meals for your specific dietary needs and taste. Meals are tailored to the amounts of protein, carbs, and fats specific for your goals. Whether you are looking to simply eat a clean healthy diet, slim down, bulk up or prep for competition we are here to help you.

We prepare healthy, fresh meals for individuals and families. We also offer smoked meats for those who prefer to prepare their own sides. We take pride in the fact that our meals are prepared fresh, with out preservatives, additives or the like. These meals are never frozen or flash frozen. When feasible items are non-GMO, organic and hormone free. We have our own garden and livestock in which several of our menu items come from.

Meals are packaged in freezer, dishwasher and microwave-safe containers for your convenience. Meals are prepared fresh weekly and never frozen. Convenient free delivery is offered within the Katy area.

Meals are prepared by a professionally trained chef and current NPC Wellness Competitor with over 14 years meal prep experience. Cooking is our passion and eating healthy is our way of life

Healthy foods shouldn’t be bland and boring!

~Heather Calhoun



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